I am a writer and an editor who has found her voice in public radio.

I like stories that highlight the complexities of the human experience. My goal is to make you feel something.

I'm just as happy fighting for open records as I am capturing the sounds of a blind sea lion exploring his new home.

I'm a utility player who has touched just about every corner of a newsroom: from reporting and copy editing to podcasting and hosting. Recently, my work has centered on criminal justice and policing.

In an interview, I'm tough but fair. I take the time to earn a source's trust and work hard to keep it. If there's a damning detail in a fat stack of records, I'll find it. I think like an editor and try to write like one.

I'm competitive. I care more about doing the story better than getting it first. Still, my favorite thing is doing both. My stories have earned national and regional awards in breaking news, investigative reporting, and enterprise.

Before getting into radio, I worked for a daily newspaper where I closed down a deadly boat launch, traveled to New York to cover a Super Bowl, and helped a rare miniature cow go viral.

I've become one of the most trusted voices in the only place I've ever lived and loved.

(photos by Parker Miles Blohm)